About Cameron Harris and TRUTH Fitness®

💥 Are you a busy, stressed out, exhausted Senior Executive or Business owner?

💥Do you have a health and fitness goal? But lack the time, motivation or energy to reach it?

✅ If the answer is yes, you have just stumbled across the Linkedin profile of a body transformation coach with over 17 years of experience in attaining life-changing results for over 400 senior figures of multi-million-pound turnover companies.

My name is Cameron Harris, and I am the Co-founder of TRUTH Fitness®. We possess the UK's leading health and fitness team. We will analyse YOUR needs to design and deliver PERSONALISED programmes that allow you to forget the stresses of work and focus on YOURSELF!

You ask what separates my team and me from the thousands of companies and individuals who offer similar services.

I would say quite a few things in particular!

👉First, Instead of just one coach offering guidance and support, you get an entire team of industry-leading professionals with hundreds of client recommendations!

👉Secondly, unlike most, our professional service doesn't finish when your workouts do! Taking a holistic approach, we assess your schedule, habits and lifestyle. Also, we offer an in-depth diet analysis, DNA testing, food intolerance testing, and complete blood work. This analysis allows us to tailor a results-focused programme that matches your body!

Our list of unique qualities is endless, but a few more won't hurt before you sign up!

We designed our flagship Six Week Rapid Result System to help transform the world's busiest and hardest-working business leaders. Our unique programme allows them to safely achieve in six weeks what most others can only do in twelve.

💎 Our support doesn't end after six weeks, however, as our mastermind programme provides long-term sustainable results. Hence, you never lose the progress you have worked hard to achieve. Our coaching programmes even allow advancement to the highest levels of physical performance, much like you have done in the business world.

Most importantly, our service is delivered through the TRUTH Accountability Plus app. This app enables you to track your progress while receiving continuous encouragement on your journey to becoming a better you!